Christmas & New Year Information

Christmas and New Year Orders

All of our Christmas slots are now taken. This includes Standard National delivery, Local Delivery, Click & Collect and telephone shop orders.

For New Year Local delivery and Click & Collect collection there will be deliveries and collection on the Saturday 28th December and Monday 30th December before resuming on Tuesday 7th January 2020. Our next Standard National delivery is Tuesday 7th January 2020.

Our shop opening times – while we are no longer taking Christmas orders, our shops will be filled with our usual delicious produce.

Saturday 21st 08.00 – 17.30
Sunday 22nd 09.00 – 13.00
Monday 23rd 08.00 – 17.30
Tuesday 24th 08.00 – 16.00
Wednesday 25th Closed
Thursday 26th Closed

Friday 27th 08.00 – 17.30
Saturday 28th 08.00 – 17.30
Sunday 29th Closed
Monday 30th 08.00 – 17.30
Tuesday 31st 08.00 – 14.00
Wednesday 1st Closed
Thursday 2nd Closed
Friday 3rd Closed
Saturday 4th 08.00 – 17.30
Sunday 5th Closed

We wish you all the best for the festive season and thank you for your interest in Scott Brothers this year. We look forward to bringing you more locally sourced, high quality delicious food choices and great offers in 2020.

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