Packaging & Food Handling

Our packaging

We want to make sure that our products reach you in perfect condition, so the right packaging is a must. With our double-insulated, temperature-controlled packaging, you can be sure your fresh meat delivery will be kept beautifully chilled on its way to you, keeping the produce at under 5⁰ C for up to 72 hours.

The packaging process

On the day of despatch, we prepare your order. We vacuum-pack and double-seal the fresh meat to keep the air out and the meat as fresh as when it was cut. We then pack your order carefully in a special insulating bag with food-safe gel coolants to keep everything nicely cold and put it in one of our strong corrugated boxes. All is then carefully sealed up and whisked off by our couriers to you.

This tested packaging keeps your order properly chilled for 72 hours in the winter and 48 hours in the summer, making sure your order reaches you safely. Everything is kept good and cold throughout the journey, ready for you to unpack and store in the freezer or fridge or cook straightaway.

We send you our meat fresh and vacuum packed rather than frozen as we believe this maintains the best taste of the product.


The gel coolants can be reused or to recycle simply snip the corner of the gel coolant and pour the benign liquid down the sink then recycle the plastic in your regular household recycling. The cardboard box, unlike more traditional polystyrene packaging commonly used for perishable goods, can easily be recycled in your regular household recycling.

If you have any questions about our packaging or delivery options, or any issues with your order on arrival, give us a call on 01382 819417.



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