Taking care from field to fork

From Field to Fork

We’re very, very choosy when it comes to the meat we sell. It has to be great quality, well brought up and local – much like ourselves! We always know exactly where our meat comes from and that the animals have been properly reared and treated.

Scott Brothers Dundee, Angus, Scotland

Scott Brothers’ home is in Dundee and Angus, a beautiful part of Scotland. Not only are we lucky to live here for the views but it’s also an area known for its great Scottish beef, lamb and pork – which is handy for us and our customers


As a business and a family, we support our local Angus farming community and have built up long-standing relationships with farmers here with the same high standards as us, such as Ian Sim of Kincraig Farm, Brechin, who supplies most of our beef and Mark Batchelor of Kinnell Mill Farm by Arbroath, who supplies all of our pork.

We believe – and have tasted the evidence – that their well-reared and well-treated animals produce more flavoursome and all-round better meat.

Scott with Mark Batchelor
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Scott with Ian Sims

We’ve worked closely with Ian for over 20 years, seeing how the Limousin cattle he farms and looks after so well produce the perfect beef for us, with the right level of muscle definition and marbling.

He specially selects his cattle for us, making sure their meat is consistent in quality and taste, so you can rely on great-tasting beef every time.

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And Mark Batchelor’s farming family have been producing high-quality, high-welfare pork for generations. Bred and outdoor reared on the farm, the pigs then range in large strawed courts, growing slowly to produce tender, flavoursome meat.

Pigs in Mark Batchelor's barn
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Sheep at market being chosen

For our lamb and any extra beef we need, George or Scott personally hand-selects the animals at the weekly live market at Forfar Mart. It’s a hands-on process – checking the lambs to make sure they have the firm muscle tone wanted – and we also get all our game locally.

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And because we source locally, we keep food miles and animal stress to a minimum. Which makes it good as well as great-tasting meat.

We make sure we make the most of our quality source meat, treating it right with our traditional maturation and in-house butchery skills. Take our beef for example. We traditionally mature our beef on the bone here at our premises for at least 21 days to make it beautifully tender, with our steaks matured for at least 28 days. Delicious.

Cattle at Ian Sims' farm
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Handmade Pies at Scott Brothers

We’re equally fussy when it comes to our award-winning Scottie’s Pehs – our properly tasty pies perfected over three generations of Scott Brothers pie-making. These Dundee favourites use quality ingredients sourced locally and are all made in-house in our own kitchens. It all adds up to a trusted tasty result, every time.

Just get in touch if you want to know more about where any of our meat or ingredients come from or our suppliers.

We’re always happy to go into foodie detail.

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