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Our Story

At Scott Brothers, we’ve been selling and enthusing about great meat and good food for years – in fact it’s a family tradition.

Our grandfather started Scott Brothers butchers over 80 years ago, and we’re now the third generation to be food obsessed.

The fashions might have changed over the years, but our enthusiasm for supplying locally sourced, traditionally matured delicious meat and our friendly and knowledgeable service hasn’t changed one bit.

The family business started back in 1935 when George Jarron, our grandfather, decided to change from farming and set up his first butcher’s shop in Dundee.

Having been a farmer in the area himself, he knew exactly how good the local Angus meat was and that to get the quality tasty meat he wanted for his customers it needed to be treated right.

All the way from where it started on the farms through perfect maturing and skilled butchery to the satisfied customer’s plate. It was a winning approach that we’ve continued to this day.

A new Scott Brothers shop

Our father, also a George, was soon in the family business – working in the shop at age 14 and managing a new Scott Brothers shop by the age of 16. He and his brother David expanded the business further, developing our in-house kitchens where we make our perfect pies and opening new shops in Dundee and Broughty Ferry.

They, like us, were proud to work with a great Scott Brothers team, busy preparing the meat on the premises, making the meat deliveries and delighting in sharing tips and recipes with customers.

Supporting the local farming community

Whether it was attending the live animal mart with our grandfather and father as children or helping out in the shops at weekends and school holidays as teenagers, we’ve grown up with the Scott Brothers’ commitment to what it takes to provide great meat to our customers.

It goes hand in hand with our family’s support for the local farming community and our impressive appetite for talking (and eating) food. So another generation on, and with another George, we are proud to continue our family traditions for delivering great meat.

Fantastic meat choices

We’re also delighted that we now, as online butchers, can talk to even more people about the delicious meals they can make, dinners they can share and fantastic meat choices they have.

And there are so many tasty meals to decide between – from great quick mid-week suppers, scrumptious pies or slow-cooked casseroles to the family Sunday roast or barbecue winners.


Healthy and enjoyable food

We believe using the best ingredients well is what makes a healthy and enjoyable diet.

We’d love to hear your top recipes and the meals that bring out the big contented smiles in your family.

Good food in good company – sounds perfect to us.

George and Scott Jarron

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